Sunday, January 27, 2013

A review of "Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes"

Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes is Jonathan Auxier’s first book and a very good one too. The story begins by introducing the main character, Peter Nimble, a blind boy who is forced into a life of crime by a cruel beggar-monger by the name of Mr. Seamus. Peter is, although he may not know it, is the very best of thieves Mr. Seamus does know that though and he takes advantage of this. One rainy afternoon Mr. Seamus sends Peter out with his burgal-sack to steal from honest citizens, as usual. Peter does not expect a successful day because of the rain but is quickly drawn in by a hat seller whose carriage, he senses, is completely covered in locks! Accepting this as a personal challenge, Peter unlocks every single lock on the carriage. In doing so he unlocks the door to a wild adventure involving a cat/horse/man (Sir Tode), talking crows, and a giant dogfish named Fredrick. In my opinion Auxier’s first book is a great success. In fact, I almost read I over again but then started on a new one. The illustrations are also fantastic, even if they are only at the beginning of the chapters they help the story come alive. The characters of Old Scabbs, and Mr. Pound, Mrs. Molasses, you will remember long after you are done. This book educates you a lot - about thievery. Soon you will be wanting your own burgal-sack.